My Brother Mark | About Mark Cafiero
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About Mark Cafiero

About Mark

By day, I’m a Director of Marketing Strategy for a software company.  When I get home from work, I leave my phone in the car and play with my kids and spend some time on the BBQ grill and I’m all-in with my family.  But when the kids go to bed, I know a lot of people choose to relax in front of a good Netflix series.  That’s where I’m different.  I enjoy spending a few hours each night working on some personal endeavors, which happens to be helping other people get started in the exciting world of entrepreneurship.


If you were to look at my resume, you’d see a good mix of corporate sales and marketing along with a few entrepreneurial initiatives.  I love both career paths for different reasons.  But MyBrotherMark (MBM) is my chance to keep my toes in the entrepreneur world.


A believer in Stoicism, I never feel content leaving my entire livelihood in the hands of a corporation’s successes.  I believe that it’s good to have a solid ‘plan B’ at all times.  Maybe that’s why you’re dabbling with starting your own business.  Not a bad idea.  Or, maybe you’re so tired of working for other people that you’ve decided that you are committed to getting your business off the ground.  No matter who you are, I’m here to help you take those first steps, by coaching you through building your first WordPress website and helping you to develop a content marketing plan around it that will ensure you’ll launch at the top of your class.


Outside of obsessing over entrepreneurship, I’m a photographer, a cyclist, a follower of the ketogenic lifestyle, a DIYer around the house, and you’ll find me out in the Colorado mountains almost every weekend camping, backpacking, skiing, or whatever other trouble I can get myself into.  I’m 42 years old, but I try to not let age keep me from having the same kind of fun that I had in my 20s!


At the end of every day, I just hope you’ll call me your brother.  I’m here for you and excited to see you succeed!