My Brother Mark | Preparing for your professional headshot
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Preparing for your headshot

Preparing for your professional headshot

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samples-corporateAs we all know, the headshot is an incredibly powerful marketing tool:


It helps you develop a sense of trust and empathy before you even get a chance to meet with your new client in person.


It can be argued that a good headshot can be more powerful than your hard-earned credentials, since most people won’t even click through to read more about you if the first thing they see is an amateur or old-fashioned headshot.


So you’ve decided to have a pro take your headshot. Good move! Now you need to know how to make it the best photo possible.


Here are some tips for preparing for your session:


Dress as though you’re meeting a VIP client. You’d want to look your best, right? Pick your best professional attire. Really, if you’re dressing to win over an extremely important client, it’s hard to go wrong. I’m not terribly picky about patterns, but very bright colors should be avoided.

As a general rule:


Wear a coat and collared shirt at a minimum. Open collar or tie, per your preference. Avoid distracting ties or very bright colors. Safest bet: A dark suit with a well starched light shirt.


Stay away from brightly colored clothes. Grays and blacks work great. Avoid sleeveless blouses that show your
shoulders, as the skin tones on your shoulders can sometimes draw attention away from your face, and your eyes are what convey trust. Avoid too much contrast, especially if you’re wearing a blazer.



Yes, men wear makeup on TV and in photoshoots. This video is intended for acne or skin blemish cover up for men, but is also a great way to prepare your skin for the camera.  If you choose to take this route, please do a dry run at least once before the photo shoot. If makeup is not your thing, just show up well groomed, whatever that means to you (trimmed beard, well-manicured shadow, or clean shaven).


Please avoid brightly colored lipstick, blush or eye shadow. My goal as your photographer is to bring out your eyes, and bright makeup tends to take away.



This is the most effective way to build immediate trust!  If you’re uncomfortable with the forced smile, try this simple trick:  1.   Take a deep breath, get your posture up.  3.  Big exhale.  At the end of your exhale, maintain that posture but bring on the smile and look right into the lens.


So… bring a brush, bring some makeup, dress appropriately, and smile naturally!

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